July 7

The top vodka mixers to have on hand for your home bar


One of the essential drinks that any home bar has to have is vodka. Vodka remains a popular option, even when you need to buy alcohol delivery for house parties after hours. And its adaptability is one of the factors contributing to its popularity. While vodka can be consumed neat, it can also be blended with other beverages (soda, juices, and much more) to produce unique flavours. So, if you’re filling your home bar and vodka is there, don’t forget to include the appropriate mixers. Here are some of the top vodka mixers for filling your home bar, in no particular order, to get you started.

Grapefruit Juice

Even though this combination might remind you of your college days, it’s still a recipe made in booze heaven. You can use the cranberry as a subdued partner for the vodka or add enough to cover it up fully. It’s a fantastic mix that can be made even zestier by adding a squeeze of lime!

Soft Drinks

You don’t get a mixer with soda water that tastes like anything, but adding vodka kicks it up a notch. A squeeze of lime will further enhance the flavour. This mixer works best on quiet nights when you want to enjoy a delicious cocktail without attempting to become too drunk. As an aside, people watching their caloric intake should try soda vodka.

Power Drink

Caffeine and alcohol provide the ideal pick-me-up to be ready for a night out. Red Bull is an energy drink with the soothing effects of vodka while still giving you the energy you need to have fun. It’s also a fantastic combination for barbecues or house parties.


The flavour of the soda changes when vodka and coke are combined. If you enjoy Long Island Ice Teas, this could be the ideal mixer for your home bar because the mixture has a cocktail-like flavour. It’s a fantastic beverage choice for house parties and can keep people buzzing all night long!

Gin Water

Most people don’t like tonic water alone, but when combined with vodka, it takes on a new and delicious personality. The ideal beverage for calm discussion nights can sometimes be vodka tonics, which are fantastic drinks. Check the label before you buy the tonic water bottle since it can contain a lot of sugar despite appearing to be medicinally bitter.

These mixers work best with vodka; if you have them at home, you’ll always be prepared to have a good time! With Toronto’s newest after hours alcohol delivery service, the fun never ends!


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